Developing Advanced Skin Care Products

The skin is the body’s first line of defense to external insults by environmental factors such as UV rays that lead to sunburn and aging. UV rays can penetrate the layers of the skin to induce both oxidative and carbonyl stresses that are widely recognized as mechanisms leading to skin damage and aging.

UV exposure and environmental carcinogens can lead to the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which, if not removed from the system, can oxidize lipids and proteins to form reactive carbonyl species (RCS) /advanced glycation end products (AGES), and other negative effects including collagen stiffening, which is known to develop skin wrinkling.

Although the skin has its own antioxidant system, chronological aging, as well as excessive UV exposure, can overwhelm homeostasis and an imbalance may ensue. To help correct this imbalance in the skin, we propose a mechanism to deliver the enzymes to the dermal layer of the skin to control oxidative stress.

The enzymes delivered by our Pro-NP™ are naturally occurring in the body’s defense mechanism. By targeting these reactive molecules, we aim to prevent the downstream damage to the skin structure and thereby slowing the progression of advancement of photo-aging.